Accelerating accurate lab performance and results



Accumen enables hospitals, health systems, and independent labs to respond to current challenges and even thrive in today’s unpredictable and ever-changing environment.

It all starts with a new brilliant name. Our naming process lead us to ACCUMEN, a name that speaks to good judgement and decisions

With a focus on lab operations, clinical transformation, and 3D imaging post-processing, Accumen leverages technology-enabled consulting services to solve complex hospital and health system issues. After 5 rounds of revisions, we arrived at the current name as a way to speak to and represent the accuracy and acute nature of the business.

We launched the brand over a decade ago, and we're very happy to see they won the 2022 HEALTHCARE COMPANY OF THE YEAR!, Way to go!

Accelerating accurate lab performance and results

    • Create Name, Brand, messaging and visual language
    • Create the foundational marketing building blocks
    • Discover ways to differentiate from competitors like LabCorp
    • Create a brand that speaks to both clinical and lab minded staff
    • Shape the brand to be able to scale across regions and branches
    • Discover ways to connect ACCUMEN services patient's needs
    • Name Development / securing
    • Full brand Development
    • Style & Brand guide
    • Website development
    • Interactive video
    • Printed materials
    • Advertising / Print & Digital
Are you looking to break into a market that's drenched with worthy competitors and really need to stand out? Congrats, you've come to the right team.