A near decade long campaign to grow K-12 cafe dining experiences



Culinary innovation is always on the menu

As a 12 year partner to K-12 schools, we’ve developed marketing solutions that invite students to learn and experience the value of mindful eating. Our campaigns take into account the trends and influence pop culture has on the students which helps us create materials that students can relate to and feel a warmth with. Our 9 year FUEL campaign has been manifested across the full spectrum of promotional channels to best connect and meet the needs of students, parents and communities. Per year, we reach 2.5 million students in over 350 school districts across the country.

From brain-powering ingredients to comforting flavor combinations, nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring. Aramark chefs and dietitians are constantly reviewing the latest insights and food trends to find the next culinary innovation and help students discover their love of food. It was our joy over 9 years and over hundreds of creative ideas and tools, we’re proud of the impact we’ve made.


A decade long campaign to enhance the cafe dining experiences

    • Engage middle and HS kids on the benefits of healthy food choices
    • Increase meal plans sales and level the social stigma about school food
    • Help school districts increase their dining services
    • Connect pop culture imagery with information graphics so kids feel a comfort with the messaging.
    • Reinvent food marketing with a feeling of “cool”
    • Help parents and their kids to eat smarter
    • Printed displays
    • In school
    • Interactive web sites
    • Posters / murals and materials
    • Animated lunch room messaging
    • Social Media for parents
    • Video promotion
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