Building buzz for Formic Acid and it’s many uses



Performance, sustainability and efficiency and we can thank the ants and bees.

BASF’s “Intermediates” make essential contributions to our daily lives. Customers around the world use Formic Acid, naturally made by ants and bees.

We helped BASF tell their story of how their formic acid, new facility, process and products uniquely help varied industries such as oil and gas, deicing, industrial cleaners and descalers, animal nutrition, leather and textiles and other markets.


Building buzz for Formic Acid and it’s many uses

    • Showcase BASFs commitment to cost effective Formic Acid production
    • Promote the new formic acid production campus in Geismer Florida
    • Demonstrate BASF’s commitment to sustainability
    • Create a unified visual representation of Formic Acid
    • Soften the “chemistry” angle in most of BASF’s marketing
    • Create a feeling of cross-industry applicability for formic acid
    • Brand family design
    • Website / Portal development
    • Printed materials
    • Infodiagram storytelling
    • Advertising / Print & Digital
    • Social Media assets and engagement
    • Video editing / storytelling
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