Breathing vibrancy and life into the student dining experience



Cafeteria rooms are often shared with physical fitness and other academic rooms, the café’s of Chicago were drab, dark and uninspired. Over a 2 year campaign, we helped brighten the days of thousands of school kids, admin, workers and parents by creating displays showing the fun and personal achievements possible with healthy eating. Over a 4 hour transformation, students and faculty were introduced to their lunch rooms to witness the new energy and enthusiasm we delivered.

While we were on hand for the first dozen or transformations, we created a SOP for installs, put systems together for ordering new marketing materials and helped spread the word across local media and press.


Creating vibrancy into the student dining/cafe experience

    • Engage Kids On The Benefits Of Healthy Food Choices
    • Demonstrate The Health Value Of A Balanced School Lunch Over Processed And Packaged Lunches
    • Help Change Chicago’s Outlook On How Healthy Food And Activity Can Benefit A Community In Need
    • Create A Feeling Of Pride For Students And Districts
    • Help The Students Feel Valued And Appreciated By The School And District
    • Change The Tone Of Health & Wellness Messaging, Helps Students WANT To Make Healthy Choices
    • Branding Strategy
    • Printed Displays
    • Implementation Guides / Tutorial Videos
    • Parent / Admin Communications
    • In School Promotion
    • Interactive Web
    • Posters / Murals And Materials
    • Animated Lunch Room Messaging
    • Social Media For Parents
    • Video Promotion
Mood and Tone are two key influencers that directly drive brand adoption and comfort in the customer experience. Do you resonate at the right tone to your audience?