Brewing up a identity system for a true brew aficionados



In the competitive beer market, it’s not enough for you to just get noticed on shelf.

Standing out is where it starts, but you need memorable beer packaging design to create loyalty. That’s the type of challenge we crave!

Four City Brewing was named for the area where it is located, and for the clientele that it serves. Essex County, New Jersey has 4 “Oranges”. East Orange, Orange, South Orange, and West Orange. We created a brand that positions the taproom as a meeting place for the community at the center or crossroads of the oranges, evident in the logo's number '4'. As the brewery and it's different varieties grew we wanted to use the crossroads squares as a consistent element across all packaging.


Brewing up a complete identity & packaging system

    • Create a suite of marketing tools allowing the internal team to self manage their marketing
    • Create presence across all marketing channels
    • Represent the local community in the branding
    • Represent different tastes in engaging branded visuals
    • Brand Strategy
    • Logo Design / Logo Family
    • Printed Sales Materials, Brochures, Sales Kits
    • Social Media Posts
    • Advertising Design
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