Raising awareness and support for vets w/ moral Injury



Heroes to Heroes provides spiritual healing and peer support for war-zone veterans who have attempted suicide or are on the path to self-destruction due to moral injury/PTSD.

Over a course of 6 months we worked closely with the founder and support team to understand the necessity for their non-profits mission. We wanted to create a brand and new messaging system that connects Vets, with a path for healing. The new branding and language are better aligned with the core values of the organization and all new marketing materials help spread the word.


Raising awareness and support for vets w/ moral Injury

    • Bolster the appeal for sponsorship and donations
    • Create new marketing Tools for internal team
    • Reconnect with major Sponsors
    • Create a brand that appeals to Vets
    • Build a brand that becomes more open to different religions
    • Brand Strategy
    • Logo Design
    • Website Enhancements
    • Core Messaging / Copywriting
    • Printed Sales Materials
    • Social Media assets
    • Event Promotion, Photograthy and video capture
    • Presentation materials
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