Owning an element of product manufacturing



It started with the need for a new name. The previous name of “Metal Oxygen Separation Technologies, Inc” or MOxST for short, lacked the appeal needed to compete in the industrial precious earth metals market.

With a need for stronger and lighter metals for phones, cameras, medical devices and aerospace innovations, the business was moving forward, but marketing wasn’t hitting its stride or finding its leadership position in the industry.

Our creative solution was a name and brand inspired by the periodic table of elements, only we created a new element called… Infinium. The new name and brand created a curiosity and interest that created a bond, not an ionic, dipolar, covalent or intermolecular bond. We created a strong emotional brand bond that helped in their post launch marketplace traction.


Owning an element of product manufacturing

    • Position for partnership & acquisition
    • Create a scalable marketing platform
    • Build the tools for internal marketing
    • Employe design to Attract the scientific curious mind
    • Build comfort by Showing the many ways rare earth metals are used and are necessary
    • Naming / Trademarking
    • Brand Strategy
    • Core Messaging / Copywriting
    • Printed Sales Materials
    • Interactive Website
    • Process visualizations & Infodiagrams
    • Custom Visual Language
    • Sales Tool / Presentations
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