Creating an app and brand that helps patients navigate an array of disease states



As a startup, we helped from the very beginning of the venture to turn the single purpose cancer app into a scalable enterprise platform covering other major disease states including COPD, CHF, and more.

During the first 3 years we helped with the design and brand strategy on all interface screens, advertising, promotion and sales support. The platform evolved into the leading cloud-based enterprise platform enabling continuous digital care to transform management of chronic and complex conditions.


An app and brand that helps patients across disease states

    • Create tools to entice patients, team members and partners
    • Build a presence to build trust with investors
    • Arm sales teams with all digital and traditional materials
    • Speak to both compassion and innovation
    • Connect all aspects of the brand, from GUI to marketing tools
    • Brand Strategy
    • Core Messaging
    • Logo Design / Logo Family
    • Email Marketing Templates
    • Tradeshow Materials And Booth Design
    • Printed Sales Materials, Brochures, Sales Kits
    • Video Marketing
    • Advertising
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