Celebrating and updating the member experience



The Park Avenue Club in Florham Park, NJ, a historic dairy farm turned into a high-end private social and dining club came to GRAVITUDE for a full rebrand of all member touchpoints and communications.

We helped create thousands of points of interactions between the club and members and helped support the club’s pivot during the pandemic. Being a social club during a time when we can’t be social was the challenge. We created materials that pivoted and kept members engaged in the club through a robust PAC ToGo campaign and well as outside events. The materials we created helped the club come out strong once the inhouse dining returned post Covid.

We delivered editable and creative templates for all aspects of promotion enabling the team to bring in junior designers and partners to keep the brand on the mark moving forward.


Celebrating and updating the member experience

    • Elevate the clubs exposure in the community
    • Increase younger membership
    • Create tools to raise awareness and capital for the non-profit
    • evangelize the many events as a way to attract club use
    • Boost sophistication of the club brand
    • Create a desire to host events and use the club as workspace
    • Promote using great event coverage, delicious imagery and a casual conversational tone
    • Brand Strategy
    • Logo Design / Logo family
    • Public and Private Website Brand updates
    • Daily Email Marketing / Menu and event blasts
    • Printed Sales Materials
    • 15 part Membership kit
    • Monthly newsletter creation
    • Social Media assets
    • Food and Event Photography / Videography
    • Advertising across print & digital
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