Marketing tools to arm new franchise owners with the best ways to connect to their pursuits



Creating limitless marketing possibilities under one roof.

PMI is the trusted source for managing either a single property or a full range of properties across rentals, homes, commercial and short term stays.

PMI has picked up quite some momentum over the last couple years and as a result, needed to overhaul their franchise materials to meet the wants of the new business owners. Key here is to create a modular system that can scale to accommodate a myriad of different scenarios. Items in flux include everything from the Franchise logo, regional property types (properties and seasons in Miami are different than Chicago), to pictures and descriptions of the managing rep/agent and of course the images on the materials.

We created a robust template set that when purchased through the store, can create a complete system of marketing materials for all aspects and touchpoints of marketing.

We’ve included a couple template deliverables in our portfolio. NOTE: all images such as home or agents are for position reference only, as all materials are customized from our system.


Created unique identities and approaches for varied property management platforms

    • Fill the online store with fresh new marketing tools.
    • Establish a production system from ordering and customizing, to fulfillment
    • Strengthen a revenue channel by creating desirable tools for franchise purchase
    • Keep the branding consistent franchise to franchise, region to region
    • give the franchisee’s something they’re proud to showcase
    • elevate the perceived value of PMI’s offerings
    • Tradeshow Environment
    • Brand creation
    • Process and methodology storytelling
    • University multi-channel promotions
    • Interactive web sites and sales tools
    • Customs sales tools for specific services
    • High impact printed communications
    • Social Media engagement
    • Video promotion (over 50 videos)
    • Personal storytelling
    • link
    • Forthcoming
Are you franchised business looking for ways to deliver robust marketing tools to your franchisees? Maybe you're a commercial or residential realtor?