Still & video assets for cross medium sales tools



Securitas helps make the world a safer place for clients and their customers by combining specialized guarding services with world-class technology. Founded in 1934 in Sweden, Securitas quickly became the European benchmark for security. In 2021, the company rebranded from it's HQ in Sweden to reflect its market place position and commitment to the future of the company and clients. We were brought in to help create buzz and bolster the photography and video marketing portfolio.

We're also helping define how Securitas shows off its successes across digital, video and print as we overhaul their corporate case studies.


Creating still and video assets for cross medium sales tools

    • Brand Alignment with offices across the globe
    • Create tools the internal team can use to scale and grow
    • Create assets across all service and industries
    • Humanize the brand with authentic images and video
    • Showcase the approace and considerations that go into delivering expertise
    • Show expertise by example and proof points
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