Helping an industry leader to the top of the market



Using brand design as a major differentiator and way to appeal to new employees.

25 years in staffing business is quite the accomplishment. To celebrate this milestone and create a promise for the next 25years, the GRAVITUDE team was brought in to create and overhaul the brand to connect in an exciting way. That energized branding was a key motivation for expanding into new 7 new offices and growing the business during the pandemic. We crafted two distinct brand personalities, one for workforce recruitment (delivered in English and Spanish) and one for business development opportunities.

The new brand was rolled out over 6 months, after which we switched goals into Phase 2’s recruiting and marketing tools.

“We so very thankful for the amazing SA team and their trust in our ideas and proud to have been a part of their enormous post-pandemic success. Our relationship with SA challenged us to rapidly develop and execute ideas to meet the demand. It really stands as one of our favorite projects as it demanded creative tools across all our favorite mediums.”

Rich Silivanch – GRAVITUDE’s Creative Director.


Helping an industry leader to the top of the market

    • Create a scalable marketing platform
    • Communicate in 2 unique voices for Recruiting and Clients
    • Become the NJ Industry Leader (Accomplished!)
    • “Humanize” the SA tone
    • Differentiate through branding
    • Create excitement for branch team and clients
    • Brand Strategy
    • Core Messaging / Copywriting / Tagline
    • Logo Design / Logo family
    • Animated logos and service stories
    • User Centric Website
    • Email Marketing Templates
    • Printed Sales Materials, brochures, sales kits
    • Website / App
    • Social Media (over 100 create posts)
    • Team and location Photography / Videography
    • Video marketing
    • Advertising Campaigns
    • Branch/Office signage and in office displays
Have you been in business for while and looking to reinvent your marketing for scaling, succession or acquisition?