Heartfelt video solutions to connect families through generations



One of the primary reasons that generational stories are so impactful is that they share stories of love, faith, conviction, passions and sacrifice. Indeed, leaving a lot of family wealth to posterity may be desirable for some, but leaving a legacy of love will go much, much further.

We created both a brand and video platform that is all about feelings and memories. The brand itself is intentionally NOT modern or slick, rather we fall into a calm harmony, reflecting on what is most important to us, to our parents and to our kids.


A heartfelt documentary system to connect generations

    • Create a new product and industry
    • Develop tools & processes to scale and franchise
    • Appeal to an affluent consumer
    • Trigger nostalgia and ego as emotional triggers
    • Create a vintage feel that appeals to warm & fuzzy feeling when you recall memories and family
    • Brand Strategy
    • Core Messaging / Copywriting / Tagline
    • Logo Design / Logo Family
    • Animated Logos And Service Stories
    • User Centric Website
    • Email Marketing Templates
    • Printed Sales Materials, Brochures, Sales Kits
    • Website / App
    • Social Media
    • Team And Location Photography / Videography
    • Video Marketing
    • Advertising Campaigns
    • https://storycapsulefilms.com/
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