Rapid brand development and speed to market



So how do you get a buyer excited about what was once an abandoned, unsellable money pit property?

It started with a name. The mission of the business was to turn around and rebound distressed commercial properties, which then had a positive effect on the community, opened the space for new business and provided a healthy return for investors. A win win WIN!

We needed the brand to appeal to CRE trade partners as well as banks and investors. The new name and its logo represented a rebirth and turnaround. Being a Southern CA company, we worked with Phoenix in not only marketing the company itself, but managed the marketing tools for over 40 assets from acquisition, rehab to sale.


Rapid brand development and speed to market

    • Build A Marketing Engine That Targets Both Buying And Investment Partners
    • Build An Asset Capture Process For Rapid Listing Despite Being States Away
    • Build Up The Personal Brands Of The Founders And Sales Teams
    • Create A Brand That Appeals To The Investor’s “Alpha” Personalities
    • Help Create A Culture Of Enthusiasm, Trust And Pride In The Brand And Company
    • Create Interest For Damaged And Run Down Properties
    • Brand Strategy
    • Core Messaging
    • Logo Design / Logo Family
    • Animated Logos And Service Stories
    • Single Scroll Website
    • Email Marketing Templates
    • Printed Sales Materials, Brochures, Sales Kits
    • Social Media setup and content
    • Cross National Property Photography / Video Capture
    • Drone Capture - Video Walkthrough
    • Advertising Design
    • Office Interactive Wall Branded Displays
    • Forthcooming Link >>
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