Concrete Fortification for National Historic Sites



Concrete Preservation Institute – Field School at Alcatraz

In partnership with the National Park Service we helped BASF bring awareness to the benefits of preserving iconic structures such as Alcatraz Island.

The restoration projects on Alcatraz Island provide creative solutions that the construction industry can use as they look for ways to repair and repurpose buildings so that they are relevant for today's needs while maintaining their cultural and historical significance.

Our mission was to not focus on the chemical properties of concrete, but rather tell the human story of how preservation connects generations and enables understanding and origins of our American story.

We set up an entire replicateable plan for future iconic preservation projects.


Concrete Fortification for National Historic Sites

    • Showcase involvement and preservation of iconic structures
    • Promote the mutually beneficial collaboration with the National Park System
    • Demonstrate and example, BASF’s commitment to sustainability
    • Position BASF as a leader in helping military vets, young adults and tradesmen build valuable work skills
    • Soften the “chemistry” angle in most of BASF’s marketing
    • Humanize and make BASF’s solution relatable to the masses
    • Website / Portal development
    • Printed materials
    • Infodiagram storytelling
    • Advertising / Print & Digital
    • Co-branding/partner strategy
    • Social Media assets and engagement
    • Video editing / storytelling
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