Helping to reinvent and reposition a FinTech leader



Changing the way clients see liquidity management, Hazeltree provides innovative cloud-based treasury solutions to investment management firms, delivering enhanced transparency, liquidity, improved performance and risk mitigation.

With a decade of fintech success, HazelTree outgrew it’s previous branding and was in need of a perception overhaul. Our mission was to completely disregard all aspects of the current tradedress and bring to life a modern new brand to appeal to the savvy integrated treasury management trader and investor. Our new brand needed to have momentum and feel flexible, able to adapt to fiscal trends, high and lows.


Helping to reinvent and reposition a FinTech leader

    • Reposition for a new leadership team
    • Create a cohesive marketing system
    • Arm sales teams to reach their goals
    • Create a contrasting identity to previous
    • Infuse energy and momentum
    • Appeal to younger client base
    • Brand Strategy
    • Core Messaging / Copywriting
    • Printed Sales Materials
    • Interactive Video Website
    • Process Infodiagrams
    • GUI for Proprietary Treasury Application
    • Custom Visual Language
    • Sales Tool / Presentations
Are you a Fintech company looking to simplify and enhance how your company and services are perceived?