A powerfully creative brochure to attract AI leaders




“IEEE engaged the Gravitude team to create a dynamic magazine insert highlighting the release of our landmark paper, Ethically Aligned Design. Working with one project director and over ten committees, all with unique takes on branding and visual imagery, GRAVITUDE provided gorgeous and arresting images that immediately captured the spirit of each committee and their work to universal acclaim from all our volunteers along with the thousands or readers the paper has received since 2017. Thank you to GRAVITUDE for helping us get our messaging around values and ethics for AI out to the world with such museum (and marketing) level graphics and brand voice.”

John C. Havens, Executive Director
The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems


A powerfully creative brochure to attract AI leaders

    • Tie this document into the IEEE family
    • Communicate the core values of ethics in AI
    • create an artfull appeal
    • Create anticipation at every page turn
    • Brand family design
    • Website Graphics
    • Printed materials
    • Storytelling
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