A cross medium campaign to engage travelers and watch lovers


The Astron is the world’s first GPS solar watch.

By connecting to the GPS network, the Astron adjusts at the touch of a button to your time zone and, by taking all the energy it needs from light alone, never needs a battery change. We explored different backgrounds for different product descriptors and inspiration. One of our favorite missions for the brand was to create a promotional campaign where the customer can pick anywhere in the world to visit, compliments of SEIKO USA. Of course they also won a brand new watch! We drove traffic to the landing page site via digital and print ads.

A cross medium campaign to engage global travelers

    • Open new opportunities to travel lovers
    • Broaden Seiko's brand offerings
    • support inhouse marketing teams
    • create a bold and masuline brand feel
    • Appeal to the jetsetter mindset
    • Brand Strategy
    • Core Messaging / Copywriting / Tagline
    • Logo Design / Logo Family
    • Animated Logos And Service Stories
    • User Centric Website
    • Email Marketing Templates
    • Printed Sales Materials, Brochures, Sales Kits
    • Website / App
    • Social Media
    • Team And Location Photography / Videography
    • Video Marketing
    • Advertising Campaigns
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