Helping an environmental firm reveal what is unseen



It starts with a name.

Terralogix, the name is a combination of two words Terre, meaning ground "earth, soil, land or property". and Logix, meaning "making sense of" or "principles and criteria of validity". From the name, the logo mark itself speaks to air quality as well as GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). Together the name forms a statement of making sense of and understanding what the earth is telling us. Outside of the logo mark, the brand speaks to obvious and not-so-obvious contamination or environmental concerns.


Helping an environmental firm reveal what is unseen

    • Consolidate 2 previous companies into a new single entity
    • Enable internal team to scale marketing efforts
    • Create conversations with commercial real estate professionals
    • Create a brand that is clean, but doesnt depend on clitche environmental visuals
    • appeal to propery investors and developers
    • have the brand tell a story of service focus
    • Brand Strategy
    • Logo / icon / Design
    • User Centric Website
    • Core Messaging / Copywriting
    • Printed Sales Materials
    • Website / Social Media
    • Project Photography
    • Promotional video
    • Interior design branding
Are you in a business where you see how exciting it is, but your target audience just does'nt see or even "get-it"? Might be time to for a corporate face-lift!