Building brand buzz for quantifying global happiness and it’s data



We are sure proud of how we supported the H(app)athon Project and their goal to create a crowdsourced Vision of the Happiness Economy. We engaged the h(app)athon audience to get excited about leveraging emerging technology to help people see a deeper sense of their well-being, happiness, and purpose by comparing their attributes with those guiding Happiness Indicators around the world like Bhutan's Gross National Happiness. Our brand’s visual language speaks of data, but showcases it in a fun and curious fashion.


Building buzz around quantifying global happiness and it’s data

    • Build a community of like minded, data driven members
    • Cross geographies with a global position strategy
    • Create exposure to motivate sponsors and supporters
    • Build a personal platform for the founder
    • Appeal to the scientific and curious mind
    • Make data visually fun and approachable
    • create a brand that invites curiosity and engagement
    • Brand Strategy
    • Logo Design / Logo Family
    • Website
    • Printed Sales Materials And Brochure
    • Media Kit
    • Event And Location Photography / Videography
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    • “Rich and his team designed, orchestrated and created the Happathon Brand from scratch with our team. Working within our budget, Rich and his team helped us create a clean and easily navigable UX for our site and survey within a whimsical, smart, savvy, and relevant brand and experience. And we LOVE our logo! The colors and especially the brilliant use of the circle “word bubble” provided a fantastic visual taxonomy highlighting various workstreams for our project. Rich encapsulated exactly what we needed to do easily with constant new ideas and recommendations that led us to our final site and branding materials. We were excited to have been featured in USA Today, The Guardian, Mashable, and multiple other outlets. thanks Rich!” ​​- John C. Havens, Executive Director, the h(app)athon project
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